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Top 9 Reasons Why a Solar Maintenance Plan is Beneficial

A solar maintenance plan is a protection plan for the solar investment that you make. In other words, it’s a form of insurance for the solar system. If any damage or problem is experienced with the solar system, the solar maintenance plan will cover the cost of repairs and replacement for any damaged components.

If the solar system is not performing as expected because of various factors such as faulty equipment or the environment, the maintenance plan will be used to cover the cost of repairs, inverters, or any other part of the system that is affected.

A solar maintenance plan will also cover any regular checks to the solar system to ensure that it is working at peak levels. If you are still wondering whether you need a maintenance package, the reasons below may help to convince you.

1. Regular Site Visits

A maintenance plan will ensure that personnel comes to the site several times annually to check the system. These site visits help the experts to decide if the solar system has any issues. As a result, if any problems arise, they can be corrected early on before they cost you some of the savings you would have enjoyed if your solar system were performing optimally.

2. Useful for Pest Control

Depending on where you live, pest control could be a minor issue or a major issue. No matter the case, solar maintenance plans ensure that you get access to regular pest control for your system. It is quite common for rodents and birds to build nests around or under the solar array. Sometimes, rodents can chew on or right through wires, increasing the risk of fires or electric shock.

A regular solar maintenance plan will ensure that pests are kept under control before they become an issue. If any rodent damage is noticed, it can be fixed before it becomes any worse.

3. Regular Cleaning

One of the reasons your solar panels might experience a huge dip in production is the presence of dust and debris on their surfaces. A solar maintenance plan will ensure that your solar panels receive regular cleaning so that they can operate at their optimal capacity at all times.

Cleaning can be especially important if the solar panels are located on a roof that is hard to access. A plan will ensure that you do not have to risk your life every time you try to optimize your solar system’s performance. Since the solar maintenance personnel have the proper equipment to access the panels on your roof, it is best to leave the work to them.

4. Checks to the Electrical Systems

It is possible for the electrical system that connects the solar array to the grid to sustain damage. When this happens, it can cause a major fire hazard and prevent you from enjoying the full benefits of a grid-tied system. Maintenance checks will ensure that your electric wiring is working efficiently to move energy to the grid.

5. Maintenance of the Solar Inverter

One of the most sensitive components of a solar system is the solar inverter. It is usually one of the first subsystems to be replaced in any solar system. Using a maintenance package ensures that the inverter is checked often for damage. As long as it functions optimally, all power from the solar panels will be converted into usable energy without any wastage.

6. Professional Service

When you purchase a solar maintenance plan, it will be up to the solar company to hire the professionals. You do not have to worry about an inexperienced person working on your system. The solar maintenance company will have the tools and experience to look for a professional who understands what they’re doing.

7. Avoid Voiding the Warranty

 With most solar systems, you will void your warranty if you try to do any repair work yourself and damage a component. However, if you hire a professional company, it could help you avoid voiding the warranty. For instance, they could contact the solar installation company and get you replacement parts without you having to pay for the cost of these parts.

8. Better Focus on Your System

A solar installation company makes its money from installing your system. When it comes to conducting maintenance as part of the warranty requirements, there’s no money in it for them. The result is that maintaining the system might not be one of their priorities. As a result, they will not send you their best talent to check if the system is working properly. For dedicated solar maintenance, the opposite is true. Since maintenance companies make money by ensuring systems work efficiently, they are more likely to pay better attention to your system.

9. A Great Option When the Installer is No Longer Available

Sometimes a local installation service will go out of business. In such a case, it will be up to you to sort out any maintenance issues. If you do not have a maintenance plan, your solar system could slowly degrade in performance. Buying a solar maintenance package will ensure that your solar system continues to operate optimally.

Commercial vs. Residential Plans

If you have a commercial solar system, the solar maintenance company may pay more attention to it and take more of a preventative approach, since a full repair would be a lot of work. For a small home solar system, the approach is more reactive. The reason for this is that such systems are relatively easy to repair if there’s a problem.

If you plan to purchase a solar maintenance package, ensure that you understand what is being offered and that it’s worth your money. While numerous companies offer solar maintenance packages, be sure to do your research before settling on any of them to be sure that you pick the right one for the job.


These systems monitor problems in solar power generation, including management, maintenance, and repair time, reducing costs, and providing real-time information for users, thereby enhancing renewable energy generation.

You need to monitor your solar panels to ensure their optimal performance. Monitoring systems can detect any significant performance changes or malfunctions, making it easy to determine if your panels are functioning optimally.

Module-level-monitoring enables monitoring of individual solar panels requiring a microinverter or DC power optimizer system, that is mounted under each panel for data collection.

In most cases, solar monitoring systems are compatible with various solar power brands and types. However, it is better to check compatibility with your solar power brand before installing it.

These monitoring systems use Rasberry Pi and Flask frameworks to display regular power usage of solar energy online, allowing users to analyze their energy usage.

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