Solar Panel Repair or Replacement

Solar Panel Repair Or Replacement in New Jersey

Solar Medix has replaced 500+ modules just in 2018 alone. Solar Medix warehouses many older modules for such occasions where a customer needs an exact match. If it is not in the Solar Medix warehouse, we will do everything we can to locate your new module(s).

Modules can frequently have defects and naturally stop producing without any warning. Testing modules requires high-level testing equipment that cannot be found at your local hardware store.

Luckily for you, Solar Medix carries all necessary testing equipment to let you know if your modules are operating properly.

If a solar module is damaged by an anomaly such as an object striking it, it will most likely need to be replaced.

Critters Can Cause Solar Panel Damage

At times, “critters” may chew on the wires, but this can be repaired easily with some new connections and wiring. Solar Medix is capable and willing to handle all of your solar paner repair and replacement service needs.

Once a new module is installed or repaired, the technician will test the new module for connectivity and production, ensuring that you’re up and running at full potential.

Did you know that your modules have a production warranty? Depending on your panel brand, tier, and type, you may have an extended warranty on that module’s production.

To the consumer (that’s you!), Solar Medix has the ability to return and replace these modules for you if they fall out of the production range. Let us deal with the manufacturer!

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