Snow Guard for Solar Panels

Snow Guard Installation

Did you know that if you’re in New Jersey or New York that you could benefit a lot from a snow guard system for your solar panels?

Protect Your Home

From Winter Hazards!

Before solar panels, your roof is made of asphalt roof shingles or concrete tiles. These materials have a frictional surface that holds the snow allowing it to melt at a natural rate. After solar panel installation, you replace the frictional surface with a smooth, non-friction glass surface.

Without friction, the snow that accumulates on your rooftop will fall fast. This fast-paced action leads to adverse effects for you and your property. After the solar panel installation, roof avalanches will be a common occurrence if snow is thick.

Avoid Property Damage

Snow Guard installation will help you avoid property damage.

Avoid Liability

Snowfall can injure your family and other pedestrians.

Save Your Money!

Repairs and liability can be very expensive for homeowners in winter climates.


Get Snow Guard FAST!

You can’t stop the snow from falling or a snowstorm from rising. You can only control how the snowfalls. Snow guard for solar panels are your answer. We provide and install snow guards that act as a barricade to roof avalanches.

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Why Snow Guard?

The effects of snow on solar panels during a brutal winter are hard to ignore. The snow will not just slide from the roof. It will pull gutters apart, burst pipes, and in the worst case, injure you, a pet, or a loved one. Or sometimes, an unlucky neighbor- personal injury law services are not cheap in New York and New Jersey.

You can’t stop the snow from falling or a snowstorm from rising. You can only control how the snowfalls. Snow guard for solar panels is your answer. We provide and install snow guards that act as a barricade to roof avalanches. 

Guards come in two forms, the pad-style, and pipe-style types. The former acts as a brake, helping release the snow to a manageable level. The latter is a barrier that holds the snow in place until it melts.

Our snow guards are a quality, non-intrusive system that are easy to install. Once the snow melts, the snow guard does not shade the solar panels, ensuring that they continue to get sunlight.

Snow guards for solar panels will be an effective solution to protect your property, outdoor furniture, and loved ones from injuries. Furthermore, they are a cost-effective investment that prevents constant roof repairs.

Why Install Snow Guard?

In areas where there is little snow, you might not have a reason to get a snow guard. However, in New Jersey and New York, it snows several inches at a go. Having a snow guard in these areas will save you money and headaches if any damages occur.

Solar Snow Guards are a relatively affordable upgrade to make, even when living in an area where the snow is not as thick. The initial investment is worth more than paying for damages in case of a snowstorm.

What’s Next?

You need to find a company that understands the system that will work for your type of roof. Solar Medix has helped more than a thousand clients make solar guard installations that last for any roof.

Your roof can last longer, and your solar panels perform at maximum capacity with the right snow guard system in place.

Solar Medix To The Rescue

We are a team of certified technicians who can help reverse potential damage caused by a roof avalanche. Contact us for a customized solution that will work exceptionally for your roof.

Solar Medix uses top of the line material to custom fit your solar system to protect it against unwanted snowdrifts. What most installers won’t tell you is that snow accumulation on the modules is a common issue.

Unfortunately for those of us who don’t live in the Florida Keys, snow is a possibility for a reasonable portion of the year. As property owners, you owe it to yourself to protect your largest investment, your home. So removing snow from your solar panels can be the least of the homeowner’s concerns.

Solar Medix has installed hundreds of snow guard for solar panels. Hire the best when it comes to snow guard installation and snow guard for solar panels.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to install a snow guard on your roof for your solar panels. Let Solar Medix work on creating a custom snow guard system for the protection of your home, system, and family.

If you need solar panel snow guard, click the button below to contact us!

What About Financing for Snow Guard?

We know all too well how difficult it can be to make a decision when dollars and cents are involved. We don’t want the thought or doubt of paying for a service to be on your mind when you have more important obligations to worry about.

For that reason, Solar Medix has partnered up with Hearth finance to offer competitive loans for you and your project. There are no limits with our hearth offer!

Have to incorporate a new roof, siding work, interior repairs, or new shoes? (we won’t tell!) no problem!

When you are a Solar Medix customer, our tools are free for you to use; however you decide. Our finance option, like others, will depend on credit score. Poor score? No need to worry; there are options for every level of credit.

To assist our customer hardships during the pandemic of 2020, we have recently incorporated a 0% Credit Card option as well for those who qualify. Our goal is to make you as comfortable as possible with your service purchase: one focus, one goal, one happy green world.

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