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Are you considering a career in solar energy? Have you always wanted to be part of one of the world’s fastest-growing industries? Would you like to find a lasting job in a sector that will enable you to grow your skills and knowledge?

Are You Looking For A Career in Solar?

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The U.S solar industry is growing at a steady rate. Opportunities are always available for jobs in the technical and admin-related fields. It is time to grab a chance to join an industry that can sustain you for an extended period.

Field & Admin Positions

You can work in the field or in admin positions in the exciting world of solar.

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Secure a career in the solar industry with one of the best teams.

Earn A Great Income

Careers in solar offer great income opportunities for you.

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Why A Career With Solar Medix?

Simply put, we are a great company! With over 17 years of experience, we have established ourselves as a reputable and reliable company. Joining us means working in a company with deep roots, with a proper foundation for your growth.

Additionally, you’ll not be without guidance and support. We already have solar maintenance specialists whom you’ll work alongside until you are ready to take the lead.

You’ll be allowed enough time to learn as much as it is necessary about solar energy and the industry in general. We will provide the tools needed to equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to work efficiently.

We offer a competitive salary too, and plenty of opportunities for career growth. We also treat everyone like family. You’ll love your job and will always look forward to your working days.

Solar is a Lucrative Industry

If you have been looking for a job that can guarantee good pay every year, look no further than the solar industry. When compared to other sectors, the starting pay for solar maintenance technicians is quite competitive. 

Office administrators are also paid well, with enough room for salary growth. There’s also enough room for career growth. 

More experience on the job means you can expect higher pay and more benefits.

Industry Growth

As previously mentioned, the solar industry is one of the fastest-growing industries across the globe.

No one wants to take part in something that will soon die. That is why a job in a growing industry is an excellent idea. You wouldn’t want a career as a horse salesman the year the car hit the market.

The industry is not going anywhere soon. Today, more and more people want to tap into renewable energy.

If you are looking for a steady job requiring the use of skills, consider applying for a solar job.

Love Your Job

It is not uncommon to find people who work too hard in jobs they despise. You want to pick a job that you’re excited about that is challenging and rewarding.


Here at Solar Medix, we love the unique challenges and change of pace that being in solar maintenance presents. Whether you’re out in the field or here in the home office, you’ll find that careers in solar never get boring.

A career in the solar industry is an excellent opportunity for you to love what you do.  


Benefits & Retirement

We take of our people! We believe in investing in our team’s health, growth, and future. 


We offer health insurance, dental insurance, & 401K retirement accounts. Our company works with the best in the business to make sure that our staff is taken care of. 

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