Roofing Solutions

Solar Roofing Solutions

We know that repairing a roof, installing a new one, or having the solar system removed to do so, can be a very difficult task. It takes up time and resources, while often causing frustration and sometimes a broken lamp or two! We appreciate a good lamp here at Solar Medix, so we began offering an all-inclusive solution to this time-consuming task.

Solar Medix, upon request, will have your roof measured for you and will facilitate the repair or reroof at your convenience. Do you want to be home during the installation? Let us find the day for you. Do you have your heart set on a designer shingle only found in France? Let Solar Medix procure and deal with the roofers. Would you like to rest assured, knowing that your roof will be leak-free and stand up to its warranty?

The solution can be simple, just call Solar Medix!