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The Trusted Solar Maintenance Experts in New York and New Jersey

Is your solar system no longer as effective as it was when first installed?

Or, have you just installed a solar system in your home and want to ensure it operates at its optimal levels?

Solar Medix is here to ensure that you never have to worry about the state and efficiency of your solar system. We do this by providing homeowners across New York and New Jersey with comprehensive residential solar services & solutions at pocket-friendly prices. Our services are professionally tailored to ensure your solar system receives the best care while ensuring optimal energy output.

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Maximum Value From Your Solar Investment

It is no secret that residential solar systems are one of the best ways to embrace green energy and a practical way to lower your energy costs. And, while many homeowners in New York and New Jersey go for a solar system that will significantly reduce their bills, it is common to notice a jump in your energy bills after a short while. This is often the warning sign that the energy output from the installed solar system is no longer as high as it was when first installed.

As a homeowner, you do not have to battle with the ‘whys’ and re-evaluate if the decision to invest in a residential solar system was a wise choice. This is because the primary cause of dropped energy output from your solar system is often poor maintenance, and we are here to fill this gap. Our solar specialists will take away the burden of constantly worrying about your off-grid energy system by providing you with top of the line residential solar maintenance plans.

You will further love that our residential maintenance plans are affordable and tailored to suit your specific needs. Our firm assurance is that with the savings and energy output that you will attain from our services, every day will be a happy green energy day. In the end, you will not only lower your energy bills but have the peace of mind and joys that come with investing in solar energy as a long term solution.

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Why Our Residential Solar Maintenance Is Value-Guaranteed

At Solar Medix, we have always made it clear that solar is our passion, safety is our goal, and service our specialty. As such, partnering with us is an assurance of value-driven and unrivaled solar maintenance services that are hinged on the following pillars:

Highly knowledgeable and expert solar technicians

All our residential maintenance services are provided by an in-house team made of handpicked solar specialists. Besides being highly knowledgeable about solar systems, we bring vast experience in residential solar maintenance. Over the years, we have served thousands of homeowners in New York and New Jersey who have come to appreciate the value of investing in green energy.

Maximum R.O.I from your solar system

There is never a need to have a solar system with a low output when you already spent thousands of dollars buying and installing it. We are here to ensure that energy output from any installed solar system is at its peak regardless of its size. Consequently, this will have the desired trickle down effect as you will no longer be worried about those high energy bills. Our pride is in seeing you happy about that solar investment meant to serve you for decades.

Adherence to the highest quality standards

There is much more to our residential solar maintenance than cleaning solar panels. While your solar panels need to be cleaned so that they absorb as much light as possible, it takes much more than this to improve your energy output. This is why we are committed to doing much more than offering surface solutions. You can count on us to provide intensive system diagnosis, offer preventative and corrective maintenance, as well as make timely repairs and replacements.

Reliable and honest services

We are a solar maintenance company that has risen on the foundation of a good reputation. We intend to keep it this way, and you can always count on us for honest and transparent services. Once we take charge of your solar maintenance needs, you will not have to constantly check on us. Instead, you are guaranteed that our team will always adhere to the laid down maintenance schedules and be a call away from addressing those emergencies.

The #1 Residential Solar Services in New York

Are you looking for a trusted solar maintenance company in New York?

Well, Solar Medix has spread its wings and established a new location in the ‘City that Never Sleeps.’ We chose New York as we understand the ever-growing demand for off-grid energy in the city. However, since it takes more than installing a solar system to benefit from this investment, we are keen to be the partner you deserve. We will not only keep your solar system running but ensure you have maximum solar output.

The #1 Residential Solar Services in New Jersey

Are you looking for a trusted solar maintenance company in New Jersey?

At Solar Medix, New Jersey has always been home, and we have spent years building a reputation as the go-to solar specialists. We have earned our five-star ratings and have a solid presence in the state as we have partnered with many homeowners to enhance the value of their solar investments. Since most of our clients are referrals from satisfied clients, you can count on us to make your solar system worth the investment.  

Make the smart solar decision today

Investing in a residential solar system is a sacrifice, and there is a need to ensure that making this decision pays off. Luckily for you, at Solar Medix, we have strategically positioned ourselves as the team that is committed to enabling you to maximize the benefits of going green.

Contact us today for an in-depth consultation and pre-evaluations on how our residential solar services will enable you to have the highest R.O.I. We are only a phone call away.

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