Critter Solutions

Critter Solutions

Critter solutions are one of our many specialties! Join the thousands of happy customers that have had us Critter Guard their solar pv system before it was too late!

You either need to get Critter Guard, or you may be one of those unlucky people that are victims to critters chewing through their solar wiring, or worse, causing a fire!

Whatever your needs are, our Solar Medix team is here to help you.

Critter Solutions for Solar

“Critters! Those darn critters! Gee, I wish I didn’t have these darn critters!“

Let’s begin with what a critter is, and then go about explaining why they’re so darn pesky.

A critter is not a term that was developed and adopted overnight in the solar industry. Critters are the bane of a PV solar system’s existence and a nightmare for most homeowners.

Critters could simply be any animal that lives under the PV solar array. Most commonly, these are squirrels, birds, and raccoons. Did you say a RACCOON?!

Yes, unfortunately, we have seen a number of animals under the array, some as large as a medium-sized dog.

These animals do an incredible amount of damage to the roof substrate and the solar array. They cause roof leaks, damage to solar wiring, and could potentially cause a fire in your home.

The area under an array can be dry, warm, and comforting to these small animals, so they tend to nestle and nest until they are evicted by the Solar Medix.

Are You In Need of a Critter Solution?

The squirrels are the most devious of the critters, gnawing at every wire as if they may taste less electrifying than the last. The reason being is still unknown, but the theory is that the coating on these wires is soy or nut-based and attracts the furry little roof rats.

When you call Solar Medix to investigate your critter issue, we will do all that we can not to harm the animals.

We have been known to box the babies and bring them down to ground level. If a local shelter is nearby, we will offer to bring them to that location as well.

Call Solar Medix to inquire more about critters and putting an end to their pesky habits.

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