Solar Warranty Replacement Assistance

Solar Warranty Replacement Assistance

Warranty, warranty, warranty. A great word to hear, in just about any situation. When a salesperson gives you their pitch, they will emphasize the warranty as a key component in whatever item they are selling.

What most solar companies won’t tell you, is that your system components may hold their own warranty, some stretching over 20 years. The industry has become very competitive over the last five years, with many more developers and manufacturers upping the ante in the warranty space.

This is GREAT news for you, the consumer. The issue with these warranties is, at times, they can be difficult for the customer to attain. The manufacturer will not simply hand you a new component upon request. Instead, you must go through some troubleshooting tasks and, most times, become a qualified service technician for that company.

We here at Solar Medix have simplified that process by building a strong, trusting relationship with these companies. We are able to contact most manufacturers directly to process what the vendor industry calls an RMA (return merchandise authorization), most of the time in minutes.

Solar Warranty Experts That You Can Trust

Do you feel that you’re getting worked by the manufacturer of your solar system? Is it downright impossible to get in touch with the original installers? Are you getting quoted an astronomical amount to replace a single unit? Solar Medix is available to remedy your malfunctioning equipment.

We will start with a typical overview visit that will lead to a call to the manufacturer. Once approved, we will replace the unit on-site if it’s available to the technician. Solar Medix will handle all of the shipping and management of all incoming and outgoing products to the manufacturer while keeping you updated on when the components arrive at our warehousing facility.

We will fight for your right to have the most effective product the company offers, and we won’t back down to any deflecting tactics the manufacturer may try to use. We are here for you and your system’s needs.

Solar Medix technicians are all equipped with multiple vendor components to perform what we like to call a “one truck resolution.” This means that each technician carries what is needed to fill the RMA at the time it is executed, instead of waiting weeks for new equipment to arrive.

We do this because we know how difficult it can be to take unnecessary time off from work and other commitments. We believe solar should be easy, so we do what we can to achieve that goal.

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