Roof Leak Investigations

Roof Leak Investigations

The unfortunate reality of solar installations is that the installer must put multiple penetrations into your roof. This practice is a double-edged sword in the way that these attachment points are necessary for structural integrity, but if not done correctly, they could lead to a much more devastating problem.

Leaks are our most received service calls, followed closely by critter infestations, but most are linked.

How are they linked, Solar Medix team?! Tell me how!

Roughly 50% of Solar Medix service calls are for a leaky roof, while at least half of those leaks are discovered to be from critter(s) damaging the roof substrate. If you want to hear more about the problems our little tree friends can cause to a roof, then look into our critter guard section!

Solar Installation You Can Trust

Solar installation is truly one of the most invasive additions you could add to your home, but also one of the most beneficial. If the installers have not had enough experience with installations, they will put multiple, unnecessary penetrations into your roof.

Those installers, if not experienced, will not know how to properly flash and seal the missed penetrations. Missed penetrations that are not appropriately sealed are the second most common cause of a roof leak observed by Solar Medix.

Our team will crawl through your small attic and lift as many modules as necessary to locate the leak and provide or proceed with the remedy right there and then. The Solar Medix roof leak technicians are among the elite in all the industry.

These technicians have 20+ years of roofing experience (literally) as well as 5-10 years of solar experience.

Roof Leak Investigations From The Best

We at Solar Medix take pride in our ability to cross-train and integrate these two professions to create the most inept service professional and offer the most comprehensive solution to your roof leak issue.

Coming in a stunning third for roof leak issues is a poor install in its entirety. With the overwhelming amount of installation companies popping up, it is hard to ignore the potential for substandard installations.

As simple as an installation is (well, at least we think so!), the problem lies in the inability of the installation company to properly train their installers on good install practices.

Solar Medix’s own President, Anthony D’Angelo, has spent his previous life coaching, training, and mentoring installers on proper install practice.

Anthony. when working with a Fortune 500 company, created a training program that was the first of its time.

He has trained over 1,000 installers on proper installation methods for more than five different racking systems.

The Solar Medix team has taken that training program and adjusted it to identify a proper solar installation.

Your Solar Medix technician will spare no expense when reviewing your system. We will be sure to overview your system in its entirety and report right back to you, the homeowner, with a full understanding of what went wrong.

Rest assured, Solar Medix is here to stop that nagging drip in your ceiling!

Did we mention we offer interior repair specialists as well who work closely with the Solar Medix team?

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