Solar Inverter Repair and Replacement

Solar Inverter Repair & Replacement

Are you looking for solar power inverter repairs or solar inverter replacement? Did you know that your solar inverter is a crucial piece of your solar PV maintenance?

But what is a solar inverter?

A solar inverter is the heart of your entire PV solar system. It converts the DC generated power from the solar modules into usable AC power. Without it, you could never begin to use the power stemming from your roof or ground-mounted system (unless you wanted to jump your vehicle).

Looking into a solar inverter could be very overwhelming if not trained on the proper procedure and understanding of its innermost components. Solar Medix is only a phone call away from avoiding the taxing task of troubleshooting your solar components.

Solar inverters, like all electrical equipment, run into issues down the line because of the many electrical components that are inside to convert your DC power to usable AC power.

Something as simple as a basic solder break can damage an inverter, and in turn, cause your entire system to shut down. This could be devastating to your investment. Every day spent without your precious power generation is revenue lost that you invested in early on!

pair of solar inverter repair jobs with wires

Solar Inverter Repairs & Replacement You Can Trust

Solar Medix is familiar with all inverter brands; SMA, ABB, Solar Edge, Enphase, Fronius, Satcom, Ginlong, and AP, just to name a few.

Solar Medix has fantastic relationships with these manufacturers through fieldwork and rapport that is unmatched.

Did you know that your inverter(s) could be covered under a manufacturer’s warranty? Solar Medix will troubleshoot the inverter and make repairs if possible right there on-site, but what happens if the inverter is unrepairable?

Any technician that visits your home will have access to the support line to get an RMA (return merchandise authorization) for your equipment right on the spot and order a brand new inverter to our warehouse.

Once the inverter arrives, we will swap them out and handle all the back-end work of shipping the retired unit back to the manufacturer.

This means no waiting on hold, no pushy salesman, and no hours on the line with tech support. Simply call Solar Medix today and let us save your precious time and possibly a huge headache while bringing your system back to life! Whether you’re looking to repair your inverter or replace your solar inverter, we’ll help you!

If you want to know the cost of replacing your solar inverter, contact us today so we can give you a quote!

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