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The Trusted Solar Maintenance Experts in New York and New Jersey

Are you worried that your commercial solar system is not working at its full capacity?

Or, are you looking to ensure that the newly installed solar system operates at its optimal levels? Well, now more than ever, it has become critical to do more than invest in a commercial solar system but to ensure its full efficiency.

A Commitment To Optimizing The

Value of Your Commercial Solar System

It is unfortunate that while many businesses and companies are finally making the right move by embracing green energy, the full potentials of this value-driven move is yet to be utilized. Every year, thousands of dollars that could be saved by paying lower energy bills is still wasted. This is because despite having installed commercial solar systems, their true value is not unleashed as they are not operating at peak efficiency.

Luckily for you, at Solar Medix, we are committed to changing this narrative by putting our know-how and expertise to work so you can optimize the value of your system. Our robust presence in New York and New Jersey is an extra plus as we are always a phone call away from fulfilling your solar needs.

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The Affordable, Dependable, and Comprehensive Solar Maintenance Plans

With decades of experience in solar maintenance, we give you the firm assurance of unbeatable services. The knowledge and resources that we have accumulated over this period give us the upper hand when it comes to taking care of your commercial solar system. Most importantly, we understand that each business and commercial solar system is unique; as such, we will strictly provide you with tailored maintenance plans.

Solar Medix is a full-service solar provider, and by partnering with us, you will have the benefits of a stress-free maintenance program. Our team will always be at the forefront of ensuring that your system’s performance is not affected while you focus on running your operations. Generally, our service package covers the following core areas:

Annual panel cleaning

The accumulation of dirt and debris on solar panels is one of the most common problems that significantly affect the performance of solar systems. Therefore, professional annual cleaning of your panels is an integral part of any maintenance plan as it restores their ability to capture as much sunlight as possible.

System diagnosis and inspection

Our technicians will regularly inspect your commercial solar system to ensure safety and efficiency. This is an unavoidable part of any maintenance plan, and it involves using advanced diagnostic tools to determine whether everything is running at optimal levels.

Preventative maintenance

During the diagnosis of your solar system, we will get to determine if there are any underlying issues affecting performance. We will then take immediate action and resolve these problems before they cost you much more in lost energy production and system efficiency.

Emergency or corrective maintenance

For emergency or corrective maintenance, we focus on resolving problems that have already gotten out of hand. This is unlike preventative maintenance, where we take care of underlying issues before they impact the performance of your solar system.

Timely repairs and part replacements

Commercial solar systems consist of several parts and units that need to be continuously repaired to keep running optimally. As a team, we will ensure that all repairs and replacements are done on time. For parts covered under warranty, we will help you liaise with the installation company or brand for timely replacements.

Performance checks and monitoring

This is a continuous and never-ending process that allows us to keep tabs on the electricity production and performance of your commercial solar system. It is an essential part of our maintenance plans as it will enable us to quickly notice system anomalies and look into them before it is too late.

Warranty or contract enforcement and monitoring

It is all bliss when you first decide to contract a company for commercial solar installation as these products are backed with a warranty. But, the enforcement of these warranties or contracts is a whole different world, and you need the guidance of seasoned specialists to ensure you protect your investment.

Why Choose Us For Commercial Solar Services?

It is no secret that New York and New Jersey are flooded with countless solar maintenance companies, all looking to seal a deal with your business. Nonetheless, in the search for the right solar maintenance specialists, it is vital to go for a team that will deliver more than they promise. This is why Solar Medix is established as a solar service company that offers:

Cost-effective maintenance plans

We understand that you must work within a budget, and our primary aim is to ensure you make more savings by having affordable and efficient solar maintenance services.

Honest and exceptional customer service

To us, the customer is king, and we will go to all lengths to ensure your satisfaction. You will further have the assurance of honest and transparent services as we uphold our reputation as much as we value you.

A team of handpicked solar specialists

We only work with an in-house team of handpicked solar specialists who bring with them decades of hands-on experience and vast knowledge.

Solid guarantees on all our services

We take pride in our work and stand behind our exceptional services as we are confident that it is unmatched in New York and New Jersey.

Make the smart solar decision today

Investing in a commercial solar system is not child’s play, and there is a need to ensure you get maximum value from your investment. Say goodbye to leaving thousands of dollars on the table every year and enjoy the benefits of going green.

Contact us today for an in-depth consultation and pre-evaluations on how our maintenance services will enable you to have the highest R.O.I.

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