Solar Shading Issues

Don’t fall victim to solar shading issues and get the most out of your investment today.

What Is Solar Shading?

What is solar shading and, why does this matter to my solar system? A commonly asked question is, “How can trees affect my solar system?” The most obvious answer is that trees and tall shrubs can produce shade on the system and, in turn, hinder the performance of the system.

Depending on the system you have installed, this could mean a complete system failure if the solar shading is too broad. On most occasions, the system can operate under shading, but it can still significantly reduce the amount of production the solar modules yield.

Solar Shading Issues Can Be Just The Beginning

The second (and less obvious answer) is that trees create a bridge for “critters” to enter the array and find a shelter to reproduce and feed. The biggest issue with this is that the critters will likely chew through your wiring or your roof substrate.

As a result, the system can shut down completely, cause a fire, or severely under produce. If a critter decides that they don’t enjoy the taste of electricity, they will turn to the roof substrate (shingles) for food or nesting materials. With time, this turns into a large hole that can lead to roof leaks and interior damages.

Solar Medix has teamed up with the top tree experts in the area to keep your shrubs and trees in good shape while allowing more light penetration to the modules. Solar Medix will work directly with the experts to identify and execute the perfect balance between tree health and solar access.

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