Critter Guard

Standard solar warranties will not cover any damages caused by animals. Save yourself the inevitable headache of dealing with the warranty company and Critter Guard your solar panels today

Protect Your Solar System

From Pesky Hazards!

Outside animals can cause significant damage to your solar panels and wiring. These poor creatures try to find shelter underneath of your panels. Not only can this ruin your system, but it’s also a huge fire hazard! We help you protect both your system and the little critters.

Avoid Wire Damage

Avoid wire-chewing squirrels causing damage to your system

Reduce Fire Hazards

Protect yourself from the dry leaves accumulating under your panels

Save Your Money!

Repairs can be extremely costly for a solar system attacked by squirrels

Squirrels chew through wires underneath your panels.

Birds can nest under your panels leaving a fire hazard.

We only use the best technicians to help you.


Get Solar Panel Critter Guard Today in New Jersey & New York

Critters consist of squirrels, birds, raccoons, or any other small animal that may want to live under your solar array. Consequently, these critters can cause severe damage to the solar array and the roof substrate.

Can There Really Be A Fire?

Do you wonder what it means when you find a squirrel under solar panels? Usually it means there is unfound damage! There have been many cases where critters have chewed a hole so large in a roof that they currently live in the attics of solar owners! A worse but more common situation is when the critters get hungry enough to chew through the PV wiring on the roof.

Sometimes they go after the modules, and other times they go after the wiring that powers the entire system. These scenarios can pose a huge threat to the integrity of the system and the safety of your home.

If there was bare wire exposed in your home, would you leave it that way?

Exposed wire on your roof can ignite dried material fairly easily. All it takes is a small electrical arc, or spark, to set fire to nearby flammable materials on your roof.

Why Are Critter Guards Necessary?

Home solar panels are usually mounted on your roof, exposing them not only to the weather but also to local wildlife. Often, birds and squirrels can damage rooftop solar equipment. Squirrels sometimes nest under roof panels and may chew through exposed or hanging wires. 

If they chew the right wires, they can cut off the power from the solar panel, causing expensive repairs and power loss (which can even become permanent). 😨

Birds also often nest under and around the panel, causing dust and droppings to accumulate, which significantly reduces panel efficiency.

What About Roof Damage?

In addition to local animals disturbing your solar system, environmental debris can also cause panel damage. Dried leaves and branches can accumulate under panels, posing a dangerous fire hazard near power lines that move power from a panel to your home. 

In some cases, small animals bite a large hole into a roof to the extent that they now live inside solar roofs! Worse but even more common is when small animals are hungry enough to chew through PV wiring on a roof. This is why it is alarming if you find a squirrel under solar panels.

Sometimes they follow the module, and other times they follow the wiring that powers the entire system. Either incidence poses a considerable problem to the integrity of the system and the safety of your home.

Solar Panel Critter Guard To The Rescue

Solar providers often provide Critter Guard, or metal shielding tapes, similar to high-quality mesh wires that can be installed along the sides of roof panels. This is to protect against the damage caused by the accumulation of animals and flammable materials.

Since there is a distinct gap between the installation position of the solar panel and the roof for ventilation, Critter Guard service helps to prevent squirrels and birds from entering under and between your panels and causing severe damage. 

Critter Guard also prevents leaves, branches, and other flammable debris from accumulating under panels and near the wiring, thus preventing potential fire hazards. Bare wires on a roof can easily ignite dry materials, and even a small spark from the conductor can trigger a fiery inferno on your roof! All for something that can be avoided!

Not to mention, battling with your home owner’s insurance company over these types of claims can be extremely difficult.

Small Creatures Cause Big Damages

Tiny outside animals can severely damage your solar panels and wires. These poor animals are innocently trying to find shelter beneath your panels, but the damages and risks that come with them doing so are very consequential.

If you’re reading this, you’ve come to the right place. Solar Medix is here to help you.

Benefits Of The Solar Panel Critter Guard by Solar Medix

  • You only need to get our service Solar Panel Critter Guard by Solar Medix once.
  • We take special care in removing any animal without causing harm to them. Safety is our priority!
  • Installation service is fast!

Critter Guard is a worthwhile, no-brainer investment for your solar installation, as it prevents potential damage to your panels while keeping the roof clean and beautiful. It is always best to have a professional installer to install Critter Guard for your solar panels.

Call our NJ professional installer & protect your investment from those pesky critters!

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