Critter Guard for PV Systems

Why You Need Critter Guard for PV Systems

One of the most common services that we get asked about is Critter Guard for PV systems. PV systems are increasingly in high demand simply because there are loads of benefits from owning one. The rooftop variety, in particular, is trendy because they make buildings look good while providing energy. 

However, most rooftop PV systems are at risk of unnecessary harm done by “critters,” which are any neighboring animals (often squirrels and birds) that can disrupt and damage the integrity of your system.

Even the smallest and most unsuspecting critters can pose a considerable threat to your solar panels and wiring. Birds and squirrels can damage your solar set-up in several ways, leading to unwanted repair costs and unnecessary headaches. 

Thankfully, you can prevent critter damage by installing Critter Guard for PV systems, which is a physical barrier between your solar panels and any wildlife and potentially flammable debris.

Why You Need Critter Guard For PV Systems

You need a Critter Guard for PV systems if you want to protect your solar panels from the damage of pesky critters and reduce potential repair costs. 

Rooftop solar panels can shelter critters from predators, hot sun, and inclement weather, making them an excellent place for small animals to nest. But, critters begin to leave behind dirt, droppings, and other debris that can reduce the efficiency of the solar panels. 

In one of the worst-case scenarios, these animals will chew right through the PV wires and cut the power supply. Having critters under your solar panels also increases the risk of a potential fire, because flammable debris can accumulate around exposed electrical wires. 

Critter Guards for PV systems are designed to block animals from entering the area between your roof and installed solar panels. They come in the form of a high-quality mesh lining made of metal shielding tapes, which limits access from animals while still allowing the system to perform properly.

What Does A Critter Guard Offer?

A well-installed Critter Guard will provide you with protection from possible critter damage and fire hazards, preserving the integrity of your system and the safety of your home.

The Critter Guard’s effective mesh-like covering will make this space inaccessible to animals and prevent debris from gathering and building up underneath the panels. Once the installation is complete, you can sleep soundly, knowing that the space between your roof and solar panels is clean and completely unoccupied. 

Another benefit you’ll receive from installing a Critter Guard for your PV system is reduced costs to maintain your solar panels. An unprotected solar panel will always require repairs at some point due to damage caused by critters. 

There’s no need to repair or replace chewed wires, defaced solar panels, or a damaged roof when you can avoid all of these costs entirely by simply installing a Critter Guard.

The best part is that the installation of a Critter Guard is fast, affordable, and only needs to be done once. This means that you won’t have to worry about replacing it regularly or any future critter damage to your PV system.

A professionally installed Critter Guard is a smart and worthwhile investment for your PV system that can save you a lot of money and provide you with great peace of mind.

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