Solar O&M: solar Operations and maintenance

Did you know that your solar installation is not a ‘set and forget’ investment?

Have you ever wondered why your solar energy is not as efficient as it was when first installed?

The answer lies in whether or not you have embraced quality solar operations and maintenance, which is the long-term solution to making your clean energy production more efficient.

Protect Your Solar Investment With


After investing a great deal of money into your solar system, there is a need to ensure it is working at full capacity. You never have to be satisfied that your installed clean energy system is up and running. Instead, you should focus on the value it provides. The best way to do this is always to be aware of your solar energy system’s condition and ensure it stays in tip-top shape.

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How do you protect your investment as a solar owner who wants maximum value from an installed solar system?

Regular and professional Solar O&M service is the secret to keeping your system’s production and functionality at its optimal levels. The main focus of these expert services is to take care of all dysfunctional aspects of a solar system, giving you value for money. 

Solar operations and maintenance are value-driven services that make your clean energy investment give you maximum returns over the years.

How Important Are Solar Operations And Maintenance Plans?

Solar O&M covers the general and technical services that cover all components of your PV solar system. It is a result-driven and guided package of services that offers the best upkeep and attention for an installed solar system to optimally produce energy. 

These services are broad and range from simple processes such as cleaning dirt and debris from the solar panels to more technical activities like component troubleshooting.

A comprehensive solar operations and maintenance plan will cover three basic categories of functions, namely:

General Operation and Solar Maintenance:

This refers to all activities right from the yearly inspection and cleaning of solar panels to the general services required to keep your solar system working as designed. It also involves setting up systems to monitor performance, so any lows are quickly identified.

Timely Problem Identification and Preventative Maintenance:

Many solar owners never realize they have a dysfunctional system until it is too late, and expensive repairs are required. However, you can avoid this by relying on monitoring systems and technical analysis to predict and identify problems before they occur.

Solar O&M experts will then take measures to mitigate these risks and enable the solar system to maintain a specific performance level.

Corrective Maintenance:

An activity that solar owners can never wish away is the regular need to replace worn out or damaged parts to keep their solar systems running. Solar O&M services save you from the trouble of guessing when a part or component needs replacement or repairs as all these are identified beforehand.

Timely problem identification helps plan for corrective maintenance and reduces costly emergencies or issues that can lead to the system shut down.

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How Solar O&M Services Save You Money

Lost production from an installed solar system is the biggest problem you can ever face as a solar owner. This is because it leads to a double loss as, on the one hand, you have a dysfunctional solar system, and on the other hand, you have to pay higher utility bills. 

It is also no secret that a system that underperforms will not offer the long-term satisfaction you aimed for and will become a pain to maintain over the years.

At a time when solar energy has proven to be sustainable and efficient, you cannot afford to invest in a solar system and fail to maximize its potential. 

Luckily for you, solar operations and maintenance services are a firm foundation that will provide the required level of support for excellent ROI. The professional asset protection provided is also vital for the longevity of an installed solar system, making it a win-win deal.

Solar Medix To The Rescue

In the search for a trusted team of technicians who provide top-class Solar O&M services in NJ and NY, Solar Medix is a company that you can never overlook. We are a respected local brand that has cut its teeth in the solar industry, and over the years, we have established ourselves as a force to reckon with. As a company that has served thousands of clients, we are confident of our abilities and have achieved results that speak for themselves.

As a premium solar operations and maintenance company, we give you the benefits of:

A Company You Can Trust

For years, we have proven our worth and dedication by continuously going the extra mile to offer futuristic solar solutions. Our primary goal is to provide each client with unbeatable support, and we never compromise when it comes to our deliveries. We are also headed by industry gurus who have introduced robust systems that make us the partner you can count on all year long.

Licensed and Certified Technicians

Your solar system should strictly be maintained by skilled and licensed technicians who understand how all its components operate. We are home to the best solar technicians as we handpick each member of our team after rigorous interviews, background checks, and hands-on assessment.

Industry Recognized Quality

We uphold the highest standard of performance in line with the latest regulations governing the solar industry. Our culture of quality permeates through every aspect of our solar O&M services.

Personalized Customer Service

To us, you are not just a number but a valuable partner who deserves complete attention and excellent services. Once you partner with us, we will stop at nothing to ensure you are happy and your solar system is healthy.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Every activity we undertake is backed by intensive analysis and is followed by advanced monitoring. As such, all our solar operations and maintenance plans are effective and guaranteed to keep your solar system at peak efficiency.

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The Time To Take Charge Of Your Solar Energy Production Is Now

Do not wait until your solar system is down for you to seek professional solar O&M services.

Give us a call today and speak with a solar O&M expert before it is too late.

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