Solar O&M

What Is Solar O&M

Solar O&M is not a fancy solar term that someone uses to pitch a sale. Rather, it is the general services through the general operations and maintenance of your PV solar system.

Like all mechanical and electrical components, they need upkeep and attention; let’s call it TLC.

General maintenance could include something as simple as cleaning the modules of debris, pollen, or even bird droppings (yes, very common!), all the way to verifying production via curve tracing and metering.

Giving your system a yearly check-up, like you would a vehicle, camera, or even a person, will ensure your solar system stays in tip-top shape.

Solar Medix has built several plans to meet your budget while still keeping your system happy and healthy.

With all plans, an annual check-up is included to diagnose any lows or highs in the system’s production and functionality.

Solar Medix believes that in the next few years, a service boom will strike the state of New Jersey, rendering hundreds of systems dysfunctional.

Let us get you ahead of the curve by assessing your system and its needs.

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