Solar Contract Review

Solar Contract Review

Do you ever wonder what your options are without having to call every company under the sun? (pun intended) Your options are more vast than you would think.

Depending on the time of year and the state incentive, you could be looking at multiple options for your energy needs. Saving a few dollars a month could make a substantial difference at the end of your loan or lease. After all, we are talking about 20 + years of commitment!

Being in the industry for so long, Solar Medix is aware of installation groups that may be better suited for your particular needs and installation. We wouldn’t want to get a call from you only six months after installation!

Solar Contract Review Done For You

More importantly, your contract should be reviewed by a professional. We have partnered with law groups that have a niche for solar and its importance to a customer who doesn’t understand what they are signing.

Solar Medix is reviewing your contract for you while avoiding a giant headache (while reading 50+pages) and down the line when the installation company puts all the repairs on you! Don’t get taken advantage of by the big business installation groups, and let Solar Medix do all the leg work for you! 

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