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Welcome To Solar Medix

Where Your Money Matters

Welcome to Solar Medix, the home of the solar maintenance specialists. Solar is our passion, safety is our goal, and service is our specialty. We thrive on fulfilling the solar needs of our customers. Solar Medix works with most large financiers as certified service providers so that no system is out of reach.

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Money Back In Your Pocket

Our goal is to keep your system running and working for you, instead of you working for your system! Why make a lease or finance payment on a system that is not giving back what it should? Don’t worry, Solar Medix is here to resuscitate your system to its full potential.

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Solar O&M

Keep your system working for you. General service (O&M) is needed to keep the system functioning at full capacity.

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Solar Repair/Replacement

Do you need to repair or replace components within your system? We can help.

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Getting a new roof? No problem, we specialize in the removal and reinstallation of PV systems all across New Jersey and New York.

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Solar Inspections

Our certified staff will give you the inspection needed for any and all of your solar needs. Schedule your inspection today.

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Solar Monitoring

Your system should be working for you. Solar monitoring is imperative to maintaining a healthy PV solar system today.

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Warranty Assistance

Let's face it... warranties suck! Too often we see companies try to get out of their warranties. Let us help you with RMA service

Learn More About

Our Top Solar Panel Maintenance Services

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Critter Guard by Solar Medix

Learn how Critter Guard can help keep your roof and solar safe.

Critter Guard by Solar Medix
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Removal & Reinstallation

We’ll make sure that your removal & reinstallation is done flawlessly.

Removal & Reinstallation

Snow Guard by Solar Medix

Do you live in Jersey? Then you probably need Snow Guard!

Snow Guard by Solar Medix
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Top-Rated Business

Work With The Best In New Jersey, New York & Texas

It isn’t enough to just take our word for it that we do good work. See for yourself! 

We’ve serviced hundreds of customers in New Jersey, New York & Texas to help them get the most out of their solar energy systems. Let us help with your solar panel maintenance.

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New Jersey

Optimize your solar panel system’s performance with Solar Medix’s expert maintenance services in New Jersey. Our dedicated team ensures long-term efficiency and maximum productivity, guaranteeing a consistent supply of clean, renewable energy. Trust us to keep your solar system operating at its best, harnessing sustainable solar power efficiently.

7 Signs Your Roof Is Unsuitable for Reinstalling Solar Panels

New York

Ensure your solar energy system remains a valuable asset with Solar Medix’s expert care. Our experienced technicians specialize in solar systems, recognizing the significance of regular maintenance to sustain their efficiency. With our comprehensive service and maintenance solutions, New York residents can rely on us to ensure their system produces clean, renewable energy for years ahead.

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Houston, TX

At Solar Medix, we specialize in everything solar! Our team comprehensively understands solar panel systems and is committed to delivering efficient and professional assistance for any challenges Texas residents may face. With our experienced solar maintenance team, we prioritize ensuring your solar system runs at peak performance for years to come.

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Boston, MA

At Solar Medix, we recognize that your solar energy system is an investment that demands diligent care to maintain longevity and peak performance. Our solar roof repair service and maintenance solutions are specifically designed to provide you with the assurance that your solar panel system is in the hands of dedicated professionals who will leave no stone unturned to ensure its continued success.

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