Critter Repair

Critter Repair

“Critters! Those damn critters!” So, what exactly is a “critter” anyway?

Critter is a term that the solar industry has adopted for squirrels, birds, raccoons, or any other small animal that may want to nest under your solar array. Squirrels have a tendency to chew the insulation off of the wiring under your solar array, while birds typically create large nests and leave your gutters filled with their droppings.

The simple fact is this; animals chewing the coating off of your wires can and will shut the system down, or worse, create a fire hazard on your roof.

As you know, the DC voltage cannot be contained from solar modules. This means that no matter what system you have on your home, it will always produce electricity, even if the entire system is “off.”

In turn, this raises a concern for any objects used for nesting to potentially become ignited by the electricity coming from the solar module.

If you hear any critters rustling around on your roof, it would be best to call Solar Medix immediately to ward off the unwanted intruders and make the proper repairs!

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