Solar Monitoring Installation

Solar Monitoring Installation

Solar monitoring is imperative to maintaining a healthy PV solar system. An older installation will not have the same capabilities of a monitoring system installed in the most recent years, but a total system based monitoring system can still be implemented!

A newer install will have many gadgets, apps, and portals that can be accessed to monitor your solar array on a modular level. This means that each solar panel can be monitored independently o better identify deficiencies in those specific modules.

This technology is only available if there is a small micro-inverter or optimizer attached to each module. These micro-inverters and optimizers then report to a hub that communicates this information to the web and allows the owner to view, graph, and monitor the production happening in real-time.

Solar Medix has inherently become exceptional at monitoring systems and identifying problems with these portals prior to the issue causing large losses in production and money.

Solar Installation You Can Trust

If your system is five years or older, there is a chance that module-level monitoring is not an option, but no need to fear because we have the remedy!

Most monitoring in our time comes from a meter that is located on the side or inside of your home. We can simply integrate a net meter into your system that offers precise and real-time monitoring.

Why not know exactly what is going on, on your rooftop? If a monitoring device is not available to you, or you are unsure, reach out! We would love to discuss your options in monitoring. 

Our O&M package includes free monitoring as well. If you are looking to become completely hands-free from your solar generation, but still reap the benefits, give Solar Medix a call and ask about our comprehensive maintenance packages.

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