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Solar Panel Removal & Reinstallation

Solar Panel Removal & Reinstallation in New Jersey

Removing and reinstalling your solar system can be seen as a process that drains every ounce of will. It might even make you start to question why you got solar in the first place.

Solar Medix is here to take the burden of this process off of your hands. All of the Solar Medix R&R technicians have installed or currently install solar systems and understand multiple style racking components, as well as their individual needs.

Solar Medix will review your system during the solar removal process and notate any install deficiencies they come across while informing you of how they plan to remedy them during the reinstallation process.

Rest assured, the team will make structural improvements to the installation that will leave your home dry until you’re ready for a new roof.

Solar Reinstallation You Can Trust

Our NJ technicians have been trained to identify any and all issues with the current structure of a home in regard to the solar installation.

If they cannot find an answer on the spot, you can be sure that we will do everything we can to find a solution for you. We won’t let your largest investment become bruised and beaten from the asset of solar!

Solar Medix has teamed up with some of the top-performing roofing companies in the area to offer some of the most competitive roof and R&R pricing around.

When working with our team, there is no need to call multiple companies and shop around for pricing that could take hours, days, or even weeks! The Solar Medix team will do this for you while providing the highest quality installation on all facets.

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