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Why is my roof leaking, why can solar cause leaks?

If you are a victim of a leaky roof and have solar, there is a chance that water is entering your home and can be damaging your insulation and sheetrock. It is recommended to have one of our roofing specialists complete a full roof leak evaluation. Our roofing specialists are fully qualified to diagnose and repair any roof leaks present in your home. There is a chance that your solar system was not installed correctly and not sealed properly during installation. During your solar installation, many roof penetrations were made into the roof in order to support your solar system. If they are not properly done, they can cause significant problems down the road.

Why is my bill so high?

If your electric bill is still high, there is a probability that your solar system is not working correctly and can be producing zero generation. This requires a full system check, which can be done by one of our electrical technicians. Once the cause of the problem is found, we can assist with making any repairs your system may need.

What happens if I need a new roof?

If a new roof is needed, your solar system will need to be removed before the roof shingles are torn down. Our coordination team will be glad to work alongside with your roofing contractor to schedule the removal of the solar system, your re-roof, and your solar re-installation.

Can I add a battery back up?

Currently, there are a couple of solutions for battery back up. Feel free to call our sales department for further consultation and assistance.

How can I make sure I keep generating income from my system?

If you have a solar monitoring device, this will track your daily Kw production in order to monitor and reference daily usage and/or generation. If you believe your monitoring device is not working correctly, our technicians can get your monitoring device back up and running.

Why did my solar stop working?

There are a few different reasons why a solar system can stop producing. The wiring connections can come undone caused by the expansion and contraction of the wires, there can be internal issues with your solar system due to failing electronics, and the most common chewed up wires due to wildlife animals.

My leasing company won’t answer, what do I do?

If you know who your leasing company is, we would be glad to call them to find out more information on your solar power system and to solve whatever issues it is having.

If squirrels are nesting on my roof, what do I do?

Due to a squirrel’s nest consisting of dried leaves and twigs, they can be a severe fire hazard since they are underneath the wiring connections of the solar panels. They can also chew the wires causing arcing and to make your solar system produce inefficiently. Our technicians would need to come out to your home to evaluate your wiring and remove the nesting to be sure nothing has been compromised. If so, the wires will need to be repaired, and a wildlife prevention guard will need to be installed. This will ensure critters will not build nests under your system again.

If birds are nesting on my roof, what do I do?

Birds mainly nest for shelter. They typically do not chew wires, although, they do build their nests and create a fire hazard. This requires one of our technicians installing our wildlife prevention guard along with bird spikes as our most recommended solution to bird nesting.

What are critters?

Critters are small unwanted wild animals that love to build a nest under your solar system.

What can critters do and why are they here?

They can be very harmful and scratch and bite their way through the solar wires, your roof, into your attic, and in the worst case scenario; work their way into your living space.

Critters find dry shelter underneath solar panels and in home environments due to generating heat.

What does general O&M stand for?

O&M stands for Operations and Maintenance. Solar Medix will stand by you from the beginning until the end of completing the project. We will handle your permits, inspections, and including any back-end scheduling and paperwork needed.

What do I need to do to keep a healthy system?

It is recommended to have a technician complete a full evaluation check-up of your system at least once a year. We will tests everything from your electrical connections to your monitoring software and provide a report to you, our customer, on how the system is functioning.

What if nothing ever goes wrong?

We always love to hear customers have great results with their solar systems. Although, here at Solar Medix we still recommend to have one of our technicians check all of the modules for degradation due to the exposure to elements over time. This check-up will also prevent future issues that can occur so that your system can remain healthy and efficient.

There is snow damaging my gutters, what should I do?

Our team can provide a quote for a snow guard solution. This will alleviate your gutters from being damaged and avoid having to buy new ones. There are different sizes that we can provide for you to fit your custom needs.

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