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We're the Residential Solar Repair Experts in New Jersey!

Are you searching for efficient and affordable Solar panels roof replacement in New Jersey? Whether you’re facing issues with an existing solar panel system or planning a roof upgrade, Solar Medix has you covered with comprehensive solar panel servicing solutions. Our team can seamlessly integrate your solar and roofing requirements, ensuring efficient removal and reinstallation of solar panels.

Regardless of your roof’s condition, our certified roofers will assess the situation and devise a plan for swift solar roof replacement in New Jersey. Skip the hassle of DIY fixer-uppers and rely on our experienced solar system installers to handle even the most intricate projects.

Highlights of our services include:

  • Free Quote: We ensure prompt completion of solar panel removal and installation in New Jersey, typically within a few hours.
  • Professional Consultants: Whether on-site or via video chat, we offer consultations to cater to your needs conveniently. 
  • Detailed Diagnostics: We conclude our service with thorough diagnostics to ensure the optimal functionality of all panels.
  • No Permitting: Enjoy hassle-free Remove And replace solar in New Jersey without the need for re-inspections or permits.

As one of the leading solar system maintenance companies, we firmly believe that a well-maintained solar system brings significant benefits, including enhanced efficiency, extended lifespan, and reduced energy expenses. At Solar Medix, we recognize the uniqueness of each solar setup and provide bespoke solutions to meet your specific requirements. Using the latest tools and technology, our solar panel cleaning service is equipped to exceed your expectations.

Trust Solar Medix for efficient and hassle-free roof repair with solar panels in New Jersey. Contact us today to get started!

Effective Bird-Proofing Solutions for New Jersey Residents

Are birds causing issues for your solar panels? Are you constantly battling bird droppings, nests, and potential damage to your solar array? Say goodbye to all your worries! Solar Medix is here to save you from avian interference with its efficient solar panel bird proofing in New Jersey. Our solutions are meticulously designed to protect your solar investment, ensuring optimal energy production and peace of mind.

Need to replace solar panels in New Jersey? while a solar panel system is a smart and sustainable choice for clean energy generation, it can attract birds seeking nesting spots or perches. Unfortunately, the presence of birds can lead to various problems, including droppings, nesting materials, and damage from pecking, all of which can impact the efficiency and lifespan of your solar panels. That’s where Solar Medix steps in, offering tailored bird control solutions specifically designed for solar panel protection.

Plus, our snow guard installers in New Jersey ensure your solar panels are ready to face the harshest weather conditions so that your investment remains protected and your energy production stays consistent. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation!


Looking for a Solar Consultation in New Jersey to address your concerns? We’re here to answer! Drop by our office, and let’s discuss whether solar energy is the right fit for you and your family.

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