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A solar system’s needs for service range from system to system and owner to owner. General service (O&M) is needed to keep the system functioning at full capacity. Testing should be carried out yearly on a solar system to ensure proper voltage and ampacity range, module efficiency, and DC/AC inverter conversion. Solar systems vibrate ever so slightly and can create loose electrical and structural connections to the home, which should also be evaluated yearly.

Solar O&M Services

General service (O&M) is needed to keep the system functioning at full capacity.

  • Commercial & Residential Solutions

  • Monitoring Contracts
  • Production Issue Resolution
  • Debris Clean Up & Annual Maintenance

Critter Solutions

You would be surprised how many solar systems have issues because of our animal friends. From chewed wires to house fires, this seemingly small problem can be easily prevented.

  • Mitigate Pests With Wildlife Prevention Guards

  • Prevent Additional Costs From Critter Damages

  • Protect Your Investment

  • Repair & Replace Damages To Your System

Removal & Reinstallation

Removal and Reinstallation, commonly known in the industry as an “R&R,” is a common service typically needed for customers who are looking to get a new roof installed or make repairs.

  • Remove And Replace Your System After Contractor Work
  • Coordinate All Work FOR YOU With Your Contractor(s)
  • Rest Assured, Your Home Is In Good Hands

  • Financing Available For Your Project

Solar Consultations

Have you ever spent hours confused about solar while calling every company under the sun? (pun intended).

  • Contract Review You Can Rely On

  • Avoid Getting Taken Advantage Of By Any Salesman

  • We Have Your Best Interest At Heart

  • Avoid Time Consuming Searching For Installers

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