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A solar system’s needs for service range from system to system and owner to owner. General service (O&M) is needed to keep the system functioning at full capacity. Testing should be carried out yearly on a solar system to ensure proper voltage and ampacity range, module efficiency and DC/AC inverter conversion. Solar systems vibrate every so slightly and can create loose electrical and structural connections to the home, which should also be evaluated yearly.


Solar O&M Services

General service (O&M) is needed to keep the system functioning at full capacity.

  • Commercials & Residential Solutions
  • Monitoring Contracts
  • Production Issue Resolution
  • Debris Clean Up & Annual Maintenance
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Critter Solutions

“Critters” those damn critters! What exactly is a “critter”? Critter is a term that the Solar industry has adopted for squirrels, birds, raccoons or any other small animal that may want to nest under your solar array.

  • Mitigate Pest with Wildlife Prevention Guards
  • Prevent Additional Costs from Critter Damages
  • Protect Your Investment
  • Repair & Replace Damages To Your System
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Removal & Reinstallations

Removal and Reinstallation, commonly know in the industry as an “R&R” is a common service typically needed for customer who look to get a new roof installed.

  • Remove and Replace Your System After Contractor Work
  • Coordinate All Work FOR YOUR With Your Contractor(s)
  • Rest Assured Your Home Is In Good Hands
  • Financing Available For Your Project
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Solar Consultations

Ever wonder what your options are without calling every company under the sun? (pun intended) Your options are more vast than you would think.

  • Contract Review You Can Rely On
  • Avoid Gettin Taken Advantage Of By Any Salesman
  • We Have Your Best Interest At Heart
  • Avoid Time Consuming Searching For Installers
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  • Lighting

    Solar O&M Solutions

    Keep your system working for you. General service (O&M) is needed to keep the system functioning at full capacity.

  • Ceiling Fan

    Solar Installation

    Did you know that your system can generate a residual income by harnessing power from the sun? Let us help you today.

  • Generator Set

    Solar Monitoring

    How do you know that your system is working for you? Solar monitoring is imperative to maintaining a healthy PV solar system

  • Wiring

    Solar Repair/Replacement

    Do you need to repair or replace components within your system? Solar Medix has replaced 500+ modules just in 2018 alone.

  • LED Bulb

    Reduced Utility Bill

    Solar energy drastically replaces your utility bill. Imagine receiving a check instead of a utility bill! Consult with us today.

  • Electric Insurance

    Solar Inspections

    At Solar Medix, our certified staff will give you the inspection needed for any and all of your solar needs. Schedule your inspection today.

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