Do you need your solar panels removed and reinstalled in New Jersey or New York? Whether you need a new roof or have to make repairs, we’re on the case. Click the button below, and let us help you today.

Protect Your Panels During

Solar Removal & Reinstallation

Solar Panel Removal and Reinstallation, commonly known in the industry as “R&R,” is a common service typically needed for customers looking to get a new roof installed.

Fix Damage

Repair or replace your roof safely without compromising your solar energy.

Guaranteed Work

Find out why Solar Medix is Top-Rated for solar maintenance.

Save Your Money!

We look for any original contract assistance to help you save money!

Solar Medix - Critter Guard New Jersey

Squirrels chew through wires underneath your panels.

We'll remove and reinstall without any damage to the roof or your panels.

We only use the best technicians to help you.


Quality Work FAST!

Have questions about replacing a roof with solar panels? Do you need a new roof with solar panels? Due to the long life of solar panel systems, many homeowners have issues with their roof long before their panels need to be replaced. 

What Can Go Wrong...

Let’s face it… not all work quality is created equally. Have you ever had someone do a really bad job on something? Unfortunately, we’ve all had a poor experience that could have been avoided.

But what could go wrong with your solar panel reinstallation?

It is not in Solar Medix’s nature to bash or discredit any installation company, but not all install practices are the same, nor is the equipment that is used. But you want to work with the right company when getting a new roof with solar panels.

We have seen many customers come to us with questions about replacing a roof with solar panels. Unfortunately, not everyone handles solar panel roof replacement equally.

If proper footwear is not worn, or correct tools are not used, it could subsequently reduce the life of your roof and cause irreversible damage to the life of your new or repaired roof. 😨

This often happens without the homeowner or roofer being aware.

Let us help you with your solar panel roof replacement needs.

We are very diligent about the quality of work delivered and tools that go into each job, because the happiness of our customers in NJ & NY is our priority.

Our Solar Panel Removal & Reinstallation Experts

Many people wonder how we can help with a new roof installation with solar panels. We will help you contact the original installers to see if there is a “one-time removal” clause in your agreement. If you do not have this written in, we will ensure that your solar array is taken down in the most effective way possible.

Highly trained R&R experts will remove all original modules and racking components, while temporarily sealing all penetrations to ensure there are no leaks until the time of the new roof installation.

Do you have questions about replacing a roof with solar panels? Our company can help with your solar panel roof replacement needs.   

Solar Medix will also fully coordinate with your contractor to ensure the shortest timeline possible.

Once the new roof is installed, the Solar Medix R&R technicians will return to the home and reinstall the attachment points with new hardware and waterproofing material.

Rest assured, the install practices of Solar Medix R&R technicians have been fine-tuned and will result in the most effective installation with minimum wear to the new roof substrate. This is why we’re known for having the best solar panel removal New Jersey services and one of the best reputations for solar panel removal New York services. Thousands of clients trust us to help with replacing a new roof with solar panels

You, as the customer, will be assigned a project coordinator who will be with you every step of the way. This coordinator will reach out with updates regarding your re-roof and/or solar removal and reinstallation. You’ll have your new roof installation with solar panels in no time.

Solar Medix will also facilitate the re-roof and R&R upon request and provide the most competitive pricing around! Did we mention that we offer financing for the entire project as well?

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