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How To Pick A Professional Solar Installer

How do you pick a professional solar installer?! Solar power can be used as an alternative energy source, and it can even be used to power a particular section of your home or property. For instance, you could use a solar system to power a pool heater or light up your garden shed. 

If you are planning to install a solar system, you should use a professional solar installer to ensure that the job is done right. So, how do you pick a knowledgable, experienced, and reliable solar installer? Check out the following five tips to learn more.

1) Consider A Local Company

Once your solar system is installed, you may need to have some maintenance done at some point down the road. While solar panels require little to no maintenance, it is best to fix a problem quickly if one happens to arise. When you use a local solar company, they are readily available and much more accessible if you should have any issues with your system.

If the company that installed your system will also be responsible for any future maintenance, they will already be familiar with the system and how to fix any issues that may come up. Dealing with the same company for both the installation and maintenance of your system also makes it easier to do any desired upgrades as well.

A local installer also has the advantage of understanding the climatic conditions of a particular area. Additionally, they are much more familiar with the local rebates program and the permits needed.

2) Compare At Least Three Installation Companies

You should find at least three or more solar installation firms in your area and make comparisons between them. Then, create a list of the pros and cons of each so that you can weigh your options until you identify a company that best suits your needs.

3) Verify That They Have Proper Accreditation

Before choosing a company to install your solar system, you should confirm that they have the right certification to do the job. This ensures that the company has met all local requirements to install a solar system properly.

One of the most reputable certification programs in the U.S. is the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). This certification shows that a solar installer has met the required qualification and has undergone proper training.

4) Read Previous Customer’s Reviews Online

In the information age, one of the best ways to determine which solar professional installer you should pick is to read reviews online. The process of installing a solar system includes many steps, and the appropriate expertise is essential. Choosing a company that has received good reviews from past customers will help ensure that your installation goes smoothly.

5) Look Into Financing Options Offered By The Professional Solar Installer

There are numerous options for financing your solar system. In some cases, you can finance the entire system without any upfront costs. You may also have the opportunity to lease the system, pay cash upfront, take out a loan, or opt for a power purchase agreement (PPA). 

If you already have a financing option in mind, be sure to confirm that the installation company you choose offers it. 

Once you have completed these five steps, you can ask for an official quote. Make sure that the solar company conducts a home visit so that you get an accurate quote based on your needs. 

There are countless benefits to owning a solar system, and hiring a professional company will ensure that you make the most of solar power for many years to come!

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