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How to Maintain Your Solar Panels in 2024?

Solar panels are one of the best investments in clean energy resources at home. They help you achieve electricity freedom by limiting your connection to the power grid. This in turn reduces the electricity bill of your home, as solar panels use solar energy for electricity production. But just like with any valued possession, it is crucial that your solar panels are properly maintained to maximize energy yield and durability.

Maintaining solar panels can be a tough task. However, at Solar Medix, we comprehend the significance of solar panel maintenance. Our mission is to ensure our clients get all the knowledge and tools they require to make the most of their clean energy investments.

For this reason, in this article, we attempted to discuss all aspects, from maintenance and safe cleaning procedures to evaluating the overall performance of your system for maintenance.

How to maintain your solar panels? | Solar Medix

How to maintain your solar panels?

Here are the key steps to take to ensure your solar panels are maintained in good working order:

Monitor Winter Output Drops and Issues

Due to fewer daylight hours, output usually decreases in the winter by 50%, but malfunctions can occur at any time of the year. For safety and dependability, it is advisable to consult with an expert like one at Solar Medix if your output seems off.

It’s also very important to ensure that documented electricity generation is increasing over time, as working with defective wiring and connections can be hazardous.

Solar Panel Shading Impact

Shading can have an impact on solar panels, reducing the amount of sunshine that reaches them and lowering their production. Research shows that even partial shading (10%) can reduce the power generation of solar panels by up to 50%. This is particularly problematic when all of the panels are connected to a single inverter string because it increases the electrical resistance of the shaded cells, resulting in hotspots that can break glass or damage the cells and other electronic devices.

Hire a professional installer like Solar Medix, who can wire panels effectively to guarantee the best performance, and keeps an eye on surrounding trees to trim them back before they become an issue.

Solar System Maintenance and Inverter Care

A solar system’s inverter is an essential part, and its malfunction can cause the entire system to fail. Maintain it out of direct sunlight, in a well-ventilated environment as they work at an optimum temperature (around 60°C to 70°C).

Also, you must clean it once every six months to preserve optimal performance. Examine the inverter first if there is a noticeable decline in the system’s output.

All day long, inverters automatically heat up by converting DC electricity into AC electricity. To safeguard themselves and their environment, they shut down if their temperature rises above safe thresholds.

Solar Panel Cleaning and It’s Guidelines

  • Solar panel cleaning frequency depends on location, environment, and panel tilt angle. Dusty or desert environments may require more frequent cleaning than regular rainfall areas.
  • Clean panels twice a year, ideally in spring and fall, before and after peak summer heat and heavy snowfall.
  • After extreme weather events like strong winds or hail storms, inspect and clean for optimal performance.
  • For those who are uncomfortable working on the roof or lack proper safety equipment, it is recommended to hire a professional cleaning service like Solar Medix to prioritize safety.

Maintenance Packages for Solar Panels | Solar Medix

Maintenance Packages for Solar Panels

Consider a subscription package for cost-effective maintenance and expert problem-solving solar panel maintenance services like the one provided by Solar Medix.

Ensure your chosen package keeps your system running and offers free replacement parts, making your life easier.

Here is the solar panel maintenance checklist they must provide you.


To spot problems as they appear, an expert should keep a close eye on your solar panel system. Time and money are saved in this way.

Remote troubleshooting

They should be able to resolve issues quickly to maximize electricity production and reduce needless call-outs.

Handling Warranty Claims

When equipment malfunctions or is damaged, a solar panel expert needs to take care of the warranty claims.

Free Hardware Replacements

After ten to twelve years, the top packages should include free inverters and battery replacements.

Physical On-Site Visits

To address any problems that cannot be handled over the phone, the company ought to arrange for on-site visits.

Optimize Your Solar Investment with Solar Medix

Optimize Your Solar Investment with Solar Medix

The health of a solar system is critical for maximum performance. Solar Medix is aware of this. To keep your system running well, we provide a selection of comprehensive packages for solar panel maintenance.

Our skilled team, which is fully insured and licensed, guarantees your safety and peace of mind, and we’re excited to assist homeowners in making the most of their solar investment.

Solar panels require little maintenance, with dirt and debris accumulation being the most typical problem. The frequency depends on location, climate, environment, and weather, with storm seasons necessitating more cleaning.

To ensure that your system operates efficiently and safely, have your solar panels maintained at least once every two years.

Residential solar panel maintenance costs range between $300 and $650 per year, with an average cost of $31 per kW per year (NREL), depending on system size, type, location, and warranty requirements. But warranties cover costs in most cases.

Commercial solar panel maintenance costs in the United States have decreased by two-thirds since 2010, owing mostly to more efficient technology and cheaper inverter costs.


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